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by bsrubin on January 24, 2013

Productivity Shockers

This post continues a fun series on shocking ways to improve your productivity.  The inspiration on this series comes from T.A. McCann and Tim Ferriss.  T.A. suggested coming up to speed quickly on productivity by doing a blog series on productivity tools people actually use – and Tim’s 4 Hour Chef inspired a strategy of looking for outliers in productivity and not 1-2% improvements.

Last time we heard from Seth Roberts about  “quasi-reinforcement“, and Ari Meisel on getting rid of all to do lists.  Ari has a great deal running on AppSumo right now – check it out!

For more on how people work – Lifehacker is running an excellent series.

Asian Efficiency

Don’t you love being able to shortcut your mental processes with racial stereotypes?  Asian Efficiency uses this to quickly get across their point: Geeky (reformed?) asians are the most productive people on the planet and we can learn their tricks.

Asian Efficiency

I owe my super-productive morning ritual to the folks at Asian Efficiency – who described how to set up a morning ritual.

Simply put – these guys kick ass at getting shit accomplished.  I interviewed Aaron.

What is the most impressive productivity technique that no one is using?

Aaron: Solar flaring. Starting with a tiny bit of momentum them exploding into
lots of productivity.

What is the craziest productivity technique that actually works?

Aaron: I don’t know if you’d call it crazy but green tea. Lots and lots of green

What are the biggest myths in productivity?

Aaron: The biggest myth is that you’re either born productive or you aren’t. Kind
of like being born organised/wealthy/whatever or not. Total myth.
Productivity can be learnt just like anything else.

Ben: Damn fucking right.  Talent is Overrated.

What software aids for productivity do you actually use regularly?

Aaron: Mac OS X. Switching over from Windows was like a 400-500% jump in
productivity overnight.

Ben: Ubuntu is also sweet.  Another 200%?  It’s just not worth being frustrated by our technology.

This reminds me to brainstorm and invest in more structural improvement.

If you were to train me for four week to become the most productive person on 

the planet and had a million dollar bet on the line – what would the training look like?

Aaron: It would be intense, grueling and done outside your normal environment.
We’d break you down to your core and strip away the excess and build up
from that.

Look for more on productivity as we gear up to launch our first beta product – Revv Co-op!


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