The purpose of life is to become fucking awesome.  Some people call this quest ‘spiritual fulfillment’, ‘self actualization’, ‘being a good person’ etc.  Works for them I guess – but I get all fired up by throwing swear words in and pissing people off.  I’m constantly hacking everything from exercise to spirituality.  I’ve got a ton to learn and I’m constantly humbled by the achievements of human intelligence.

I’m kicking off a new company.  Revv – Tools to Make Change Easy.  Becoming Awesome is really hard – and we don’t think it needs to be.

Photography by Valerie Gates.

I started as an entrepreneur early – in 9th grade I hacked together PCs and sold them to the unwitting on eBay.

I headed to Brown for engineering after that (’05) and had my only ‘real’ job at BBN Techologies during college.  I worked on robots, embedded Linux, and ad-hoc mobile networking.

As a junior I co-founded Zeo.  We help people manager their sleep quality and invented technology around brainwave measurement, sleep algorithms, and behavioral coaching.

We launched the Zeo Sleep Manager in 2009 to rave reviews. We have since been featured in the Wall Steet Journal, the New York Times, and The Today Show.  The product is current sold at Best Buy, Apple Europe, and Amazon.

Outside of work I’ve got a mountain problem and a travel problem.  I recently coerced a group of friends to join me on a ski season in Jackson and Chamonix, followed by a tour around Europe.

You can reach me here: ben@becomingawesome.com


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